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Web Design Company South Africa

What we do

The World Wide Web is made up of many web pages, and those pages are themselves created with HyperText Markup Language, or HTML. Many web designers use programmes to develop these pages, but experience proves that this does not provide optimum results if there is not complete control over the layout of your site. Having excellent knowledge of HTML coding and content management systems gives us the advantage of having 'absolute control' in producing exactly what is required!

We combine our vast knowledge of both pure code and the ease of content management systems to produce easy to navigate, attractive on the eye, mobile responsive and search engine friendly websites that are a pleasure to use from both a user and owner point of view.

Our experienced graphic designer brings stunning graphic design layout to your brand, and the artistic ability to work with the all the complex elements that make up a web page (images, art work, text, layout, color, background, etc.) are essential.

Our services include:-

  • The creation of a new or the remodeling of an existing Website!
  • Mobile Responsive websites
  • Web site maintenance for ongoing support!
  • Website Promotion
  • Hosting with comprehensive search engine setup
  • Database Development
  • Wordpress Websites - taking the world by storm!
  • Content Management Systems
  • Website Content Management - Research and ongoing content management of dynamic content websites
  • Original graphics designed for you!
  • Electronic photo repair, and / or manipulation!
  • Animated Graphics!
  • Flash animations
Value Added Services:-

On the web a small company can shine as brightly as a giant. Your site will be unique in nature, fast to access, easy to navigate and an overall enjoyable online experience.

Registering your domain

To have a domain is to have your own unique World Wide Web Address (URL), eg. www.name.co.za, which allows you to have your own e-mail address too!!

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